Culture gets in the way

The streets were filled with people and the twinkles of the tavern lights lit up the the night as a flock of Paisas walked through one of the city’s most lively streets: La 70. I could barely hear my own voice through the roar music and the laughter of my fellow compatriots.

But it was at that moment that I had an epiphany.

I was chatting with my cousin about her recent relationship with a Lebanese guy. She was ready to catch a flight to Lebanon to get married, but culture got in the way.

We talked about the difference in how each culture treats their significant others. Colombian culture for example is very intense, passionate, and for lack of a better word needy. But needy in a loving way. We love to be in constant contact: emotionally, physically and verbally. It reinforces our attraction and ultimately creates the base for our relationships. We enjoy quality time with our significant others and our love language: touch. Before this trip I figure that I was the only one like this. The only one that loved constant contact and the one that would give 110% no matter the circumstance.

I didn’t realize that this mindset was deeply rooted in my culture. Now it is clear to me that culture is a huge factor in relationships and more so in how we treat our significant others.

I’ve only really dated gringos and I’m sure you can figure out how that went: culture gets in the way.

So culture and relationships are a sticky situations. We are attracted to one culture, but we are socialized to like another. Lets just say I had a lot of dancing(and a few guaros) to do that night to get my mind off this—perks of being a sociologist.

Quote of the day: “To travel is to evolve.”


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