1 year -> 20 lessons

So I started my blog almost a year ago. With each post and each day that goes by, I learn something new about life. I decided to put together a list of the 20 most important lessons I have learned in my new profound life of self love, acceptance and vulnerability this past year.

As many of my past blogs have indicated, I am not great with sharing my feelings or personal frustrations. I am also worse at managing them—and as a sociologist I am trained to over analyze each social situation. But quotes and writing have always been my escape. Hope these inspire and help others in their own journeys:

“We’re ugly, messy humans with flaws and scars and past. We’re imperfect and sinful and complex. We’re fucked up. But God has us, and we’re going to be alright.”

“Sometimes we have to give up what we want the most, to get what we deserve.”

“There is a difference between a mistake and a very hard decision.”

“Patience. Patience. Patience. We all need more patience in our lives.”

“A smile goes a long way.”

“Instinct. Gut feeling. Intuition. Whatever you want to call it— listen to it!”

“Bras are optional.”

“You don’t need to have the answer when people ask what you want to be or what you are going to do.”

“To be humble. To be authentic. To be confident. To be kind. The best qualities anyone can possess.”

“Empowering others is the greatest deed one can do for society.”

“Silence speaks louder than any words.”

“How we react to situations are what define the worth of our character not the mistakes that got us there in the first place.”

“If something/someone isn’t making you happy, distance yourself from it.”

“Be raw, authentic, and unapologetically you.”

“Learn something new everyday.”

“Do everything with love.”

“Your reputation is everything. Guard it with your life.”

“Embrace the unknown.”

“Try everything once.”

“Fear complacency. Never settle.”


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