Montreal: a little piece of Europe

If I could describe my time in Montreal in one word, it would be: walking. According to my health app, I walked a total of 40 miles in the 9 days I spent in the city. It was both great exercise and the perfect way to learn the city.  And there is nothing like becoming familiar with a city in a short amount of time.


Some friends from home met up with me on the 5th day, and I was their tour guide. Of course I couldn’t name each of the magnificent structures and we might have walked past the same place a few time before we made it to out final destination, but nonetheless I had found my way around this little piece of Europe hidden in the walls of North America.


My main reason for my trip to Montreal was mainly for my academics. I attended the American Sociological Association as an Honor Program student participant. So it is safe to say I really enjoy my field of study. How many people out there you know can geek out about social theory or think analyzing people is the coolest thing in the world… yup probably not too many of us weirdos out there in the world. My filed of study has not only become my academic and career aspiration, but it has also become a way of life. I look as social norms and institutions of a certain area I visit and create hypothesis or theories based on these observations and interactions. I found Canadian culture—and more specifically, francophone culture—to be fascinating. There was a type of resentment towards english that is hard to explain. Everyone knew english, but they would refuse to speak it unless it was absolutely the last resort. I guess in my quest to analyze this society I asked some pretty dumb questions; I asked one of my taxi drivers if he liked living in Canada. He had moved to Canada over 30 years ago from Haiti and his smart-ass responded that if he didn’t liked, he wouldn’t have stayed. That sure shut me up. Maybe Canada was this picture perfect country after all…


I did find the drug consumption around young adults to be extremely dangerous. And no I’m not talking about weed. However, I found them to be rather social and amicable. My favorite part of Montreal was the spectacular city life with a much relaxed atmosphere. The streets are quite. Cars do not honk their horns every five second and the streets are extremely clean. The architecture is out of the world but the street are not flocked by people. The dichotomy was intriguing, and it made my stay there so much more fantastic.


Quote of the day: “If we were meant to stay in one place, we would have roots instead of feet.”


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