These last few weeks, well even months, have been non-stop for me. I been pulled in a million different directions with no time to sit and be mindful. I haven’t spent a morning laying in bed thinking about nothing. I haven’t gone for a walk through the woods alone, embracing my feelings and inner thoughts. I have most certainly exhausted every inch of energy and relentlessness that runs through my blood. And yet I am still going.

That burning flame inside of me, that makes me do more— do more for others—continues to light the gloomy mornings and the difficult times.

Recently I was introduced to an idea: slow down, breathe, and be mindful. With that mindfulness also comes being thankful, and that has been enough to make the difference.

I am mindful and thankful to be living my best life. To be healthy. To have food on the table. To have a roof over my head. To be receiving an education that makes me question why and makes me critically think. To have the opportunity to have goals and dreams that are intangible to most people in the world. To have people in my life who support me and push me every second of every day. To have planted seeds of change in the lives of young children whom I encountered. To have helped and changed the lives of many others who have crossed my path, whether through teaching or simply being a helping hand. To continuing having the burning sensation to keep going and keep changing lives day in and day out, no matter how “burnt out” I feel.

I still think back to that day in Cusco when I kneeled down to a little girl doing her homework and asked her to please stay in school. Maybe the bracelet I left her with might not be worth much, but I hope that she hears those words in the many years to come and never gives up on education because that is worth more than anything materialistic one can get. I will be graduating college soon and I still learn something new every single day. I wish one day I can find out whether or not my words made a difference and gave this little girl the same burning sensation to use her education to do something.

I share with you this to inspire you to become mindful. Especially mindful on the impact or change you can create everyday by simply being you. In this current time of wild politics, ravaging natural disasters, and sometimes scary world, don’t be afraid to take your burning flame and turn it into action. We all could use a little heat on this otherwise cold and and frightening world.

Quote of the day: “Traveling: it leaves you speechless. Then it turns you into a storyteller.”


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