D word

Today is a sad day for the Semester at Sea community.

As I heard the news of the tragic news of the voyager, who lost their life today during an accident in Myanmar, the flashbacks started. From going up the ramp the first day, to cliff jumping in Santorini, to backpacking through Italy and eating my way through Peru. How many times had I been that close to the D word.

When you’re traveling the world, you feel invincible. At least I did. When I was there I knew I had to try everything, even if it scared me. I figured if I died, I would have lived a life filled with adventure, love and learning! I was at my happiest and it didn’t mattered what came after. I was living life in the moment, enjoying every sunrise and sunset like it was my last. I counted down the days to coming home. But what if that countdown never reached 0?

Scary to look back now and realize that we were not invincible, but I sure as hell believed I was.

Prayers go out to my Semester at Sea family, the voyager and her loved ones during this difficult time. May your soul rest with the happiness that your journey was worth it.

Quote of the day: “We travel not to escape life, but for life to not escape us.”


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