4 letters with a “big” meaning

It’s 1 am and I would have been sleeping hours ago if my little cousin (who’s not little… senior is HS) had not come over to talk about his first heart break. He left over an hour ago, but I can not stop thinking about it.

I laughed while we talked because like him I was so intrigued by the idea of love at such a young age. But frankly, I had no idea what love was. It is not the constant messages or the constant attention from someone that’s for sure. But when you’re as innocent as I was and as he is now, you might think other wise.

Love. I always joke that it’s a “big” word.

But it was not until I fell in love with myself and my life, that I was able to find meaning to that big word. Maybe for me it had to be through my experience traveling, but for others it may be different. Regardless of how we find the meaning of love, loving ourselves first is the first step to a healthy and confident life.

Confidence. It’s something I did not have very much of growing up.

I was always the curvy one of my friends(even though I am thankful for it now), I was not the blonde beauty with blue eyes like most of my friends, I was also never the best at any sport I played or the most popular kid around. But by not being those things I was grounded and humble from early on. Once I gained that confidence in myself in my later years in college, I became a force. I felt comfortable in how I looked, I became infused with a sense of urgency to be better for myself and no one else, and ultimately, I evolved into a better more mature person proud to be who I am now.

Those lessons are not quick however. They take time. They take failure and set backs. But ultimately, they mold you into a person ready for the big word.

Like my little cousin, we often look at others for this kind of affection and attention. But we fail to see that the person who we must love first is ourselves. Without that love, there is not room to love others. Without that love, our obsessions for outside attention will consume the fantasies of what love truly means. Without that love, heartbreak is inevitable.

Lets protect our precious fragile hearts with an armor of self love. For that can never be destroy by any outside force.

Quote of the day: “Traveling tends to magnify all human emotions.”


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